Web Developer...there isn't much that he doesn't know. Here he is seen with 28 inch Strip Bass that he just caught off the Cape Cod Canal back in 1995. Don't worry, he had to set it free-it wasn't 36 inches.
Editor in Chief, HTML--Richard is our main man. He used to play the base for a band named The Supreme Dicks (For real!). After a brief Stint with The Big Wheel, a band out of Boston, he decided to get back into his passion--writing.
Interactive Programmer--Tim's born to be a runner...just got back from Disney World. Gifted programmer in all sorts of languages including Fortran, C, C++, Matlab, PV_Wave, and now HTML and Java.
Graphic Designer--Ann promises to bring her unique style of graphics to our clients...always wanted to be a fashion designer (and still does)...has unique approach to graphics design
Advertising and Marketing--Mimi's charm brings fresh perspective on advertising and marketing strategies. Here she is celebrating her daughter's birthday.

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