HKDesign is...

We are a sole proprietorship, bilingual Web Site Design and Development company. We specialize in working with small and mid-size companies to promote their businesses on the world wide web. From consultation and design to development and deployment, we closely interact with our customers to help their businesses establish their presence on the internet.

Why should your business be on the Internet?

Having your presence on the internet allows your business to open itself to a global market. Your potential clients will have access to your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No other existing meduim-radios, newspaper, television--can provide this kind of opportunity for your business.

What should you provide in your Web Site?

You can use your web site to simply provide information about your company, thereby opening doors to new potential clients. Or, you can open an one-line market for your business to boost sales.

Our Web Design Concept

We understand all the tools and objects that are available to us in creating web sites. Building a web site for this new medium is a highly complex task. The web site design depends on the nature of your business. Whether your web site needs Java Applets or CGI scripts depends on what you want your web site to do. Merely including these in your web site simply because they are available does not make much sense. All text based web sites are quickly accessible, but it probably won't suffice for your business. A clean graphical interface and animations are nice, but at the expense of slower download time. Our web design team emphasizes achieving the delicate balance between all these aspects of web site development and to provide our clients with the most potent web site for their businesses.

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